CES 2020: ASUS debuts new monitor, mesh Wi-Fi router and accessories

ASUS featured new tools for business pros at CES 2020.

CES 2020: Asus debuts new monitor, mesh Wi-Fi router, and accessories

TechRepublic's Teena Maddox talked to Jackie Hsu of ASUS at CES 2020 about some of the new items ASUS has announced for business use. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. 

Jackie Hsu: ASUS has a lot of great products today launching at CES. As people know, we are the global number one mobile maker for years. Definitely you can find a lot of our great motherboards at our booth, but today I want to introduce not only motherboards but something more. 

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The first product I want to say is our latest mesh router system. For people probably they have two kinds of choices if they need Wi-Fi solution at home, one is a performance router, and another one is a mesh router. People choose a mesh router, and sometimes they don't have product knowledge for setting up those very complicated processes, that's why they choose mesh. But the biggest issue for a regular mesh router is the signal strength. 

Normally, the signal strength is not as good as a performance router, but from ASUS, our ZenWiFi mesh router system solves all the problems because, number one, our installation is very easy, just one, two, three. Then all the things are done by ASUS. Second, our signal strength is very good. Even better than other competitors' performance routers, you can try it.

SEE: CES 2020: The big trends for business (ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature)

Then the second product I want to introduce is the portable monitor. For most business users, in offices they have not only the big desktop screen or they may have their laptop screen, but sometimes they also have the second screen because they want to increase their productivity, but how about on the road? 

If you are on a business trip like today, we are all in Vegas, so we don't have extended monitors. It's fine if you have this portable monitor. The total weight is only 240 grams, very thin and light. If you put it in your luggage, that will not increase too much of your [weight], so it's very convenient.

Talking about laptop users today, because of the thin and light form factor property, your capacity of your storage is limited. It could be only 256 GB or 512 GB. If you need to have some video shooting, some photo shooting, then very quickly your capacity is full. No worries with ASUS ROG Strix Arion external SSD drive, you can easily bring it. It's very small, dimension-wise, weight-wise, it is very small and light that you can bring it all the day.

Besides those products, we also have a complete product line of our monitor from gaming monitor to a ProArt monitor. Why I want to talk about ProArt monitor more is because today content creation is booming. Everybody can be a creator but a lot of industries people also share their video.

A lot of industry people also share their videos with other people, so definitely you need to have a better monitor to produce the better contents. Normally, we categorize those creators into two kinds of categories. One is 2D/3D editing, the other one is some video or animation. ASUS does have different products to fulfill their different demands. So you can see our complete products at our booth. Actually, for DIY PCs, the motherboard is the platform of the entire system because all the components have to connect with the motherboard. That's why we are always very proud of ourselves producing the greatest motherboard.

Actually, for some people they want to play or challenge themselves to have the best performers than their friends. So that creates one interesting [technique], so-called overclocking. To be honest, overclocking can give people some achievement because if you buy the same component, you can overclock it better, higher frequency, then you get the better performance. Unfortunately, that also requires some tech knowledge. Some hardcore users can do, but most of people cannot do. 

No worries, if you want to achieve it, ASUS will help you. Recently, we [created] this one unique feature, so-called AI overclocking. We use artificial intelligence to help you to overclock your motherboard, your CPU, your memory, your performance. So even without very deep tech knowledge, you can do a great job, presenting the best performance to your friends.

Normally, for business people or we should say for a lot of people in offices, they have an extended monitor because they need to have better productivity. But how about on the road, right, on the business trip? For example, today we are all in Vegas, therefore we don't have an extended monitor same as our office. That's why you need to bring this kind of portable monitor. In your hotel room, you have your laptop, connect to this portable monitor with your laptop. Then you have a dual screen that also maintains the best performance and also your productivity. This time, ASUS released the latest and the greatest portable monitor, the model name is MB16ACE. The entire weight is only 970 grams--its very light. So you have both the convenience and also performance productivity together on the road. 

Let's talk about the office first. In offices, there are different usage scenarios. For example, I always do a lot of PowerPoint editing or some Excel calculation. One Excel sheet, how many colors, how many rows. If the monitor is too small, then definitely you cannot open one Excel sheet and calculate very quickly. That's why a wider screen with higher resolution is very important. For some content creators in the office, for example, our marketing team, they have designers, so definitely they need to have a so-called content creation monitor, which can give them a better color accuracy and also some quicker, faster response time because they need to see what they need. What you see is what you get. If today your color accuracy is not very accurate, then you generate the content, you produce the content, then you print it out.

The color is not the same. That's why their [time is wasted]. To be honest, ASUS is very professional. We know for those in the content creator market, people should belong to two categories. One is 2D/3D another one is video and animation. We do have different products to fulfill these different demands. Another application is gaming. 

For gamers, they need totally different [things]. They need a quicker response time, higher refresh rate. Today, ASUS launches, one very powerful and unique gaming monitor, which has a 360 Hz refresh rate. That is the highest in the world. Normally, people can see the highest refresh rate monitor is 240 Hz. It's 360. This is the only monitor you can find in the market. With this 360 Hz, the response time you can see is 4% quicker than all your competitors.

So in the game, if you can be a 4% faster to respond over the shooting or the actions, definitely your winning opportunity will be much higher than all your competitors. That is a different usage. So office usage, creation or gaming are different types. Besides the main machine, ASUS also produces a lot of great accessories. For laptop users, they may have very limited capacity of their storage. That could be only 256 GB, 512 GB, that's all. If you have some more videos or photos that consume a lot of space, no worries. With ASUS, ROG Strix Arion, that is an external SSD hard drive. With that external SSD, you can easily upgrade or extend your storage to 1 TB or even 2 TB. So that is very convenient. This device also has ASUS Aura Sync technology.

With the Aura Sync, all the devices can have the LED lighting effect simultaneously. Sometimes, we also cooperate with some game publishers. So in-game effects can show on those devices. For example, if you are printing the Aura Sync will show red to remind you you are printing. Besides this external SSD drive, we also have something like a mouse, keyboard, and gaming headset. 

Today, one new product from our gaming mouse series is Chakram. So Chakram has one unique joystick feature. This will be the first and the only joystick gaming mouse in the world. With this, people can set it as analog or digital mode. Your control experience will be totally different from the current mouse you are using. One more is about our gaming headset: Our ROG Strix Go 2.4. This gaming headset has AI technology, also. So that can filter the background noises, so-called noise cancellation for 500,000 different scenarios. Your friends can hear your sound very clearly, or even without any background noise. That is a new technology ASUS implemented the AI technology into our products.

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