You don’t need to be in
Design View to change a form’s properties. Sometimes, it is easier to design
labels and text boxes right in Form View, where you can immediately see the
results of your changes to the form’s properties. Access 2002 and 2003 let you
make changes to your forms in both views.

To allow users to make design
changes in Form View, make sure the Allow Design Changes property in the form’s
property sheet is set to All Views. Once set, you can right-click any object on
the form in Form View, select Properties, and make changes to its properties
sheet. To make changes to the form itself, select the form by clicking in the
form selection bar and then press [Alt][Enter] to open the form’s property

Note: If you want to prevent users from making changes to their
forms, be sure to set the Allow Design Changes property to Design View Only.

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