Outlook gives you control over which workdays you display in your calendar — even if you don’t work a standard Monday through Friday schedule. Here’s a look at the options you can use to configure the display.

By default, the Work Week calendar view displays the five days of the traditional business week, Monday through Friday. To include Saturday and Sunday in that view, choose Options from the Tools menu. In the Options dialog box, click Calendar Options in the Calendar section. In the Calendar Options dialog box, select the Sat and Sun check boxes under Calendar Work Week (Figure A). Then, click OK twice to return to the Calendar.

Figure A

You don’t have to view a seven-day or traditional five-day work week, either. Just select the days of the week that apply to you and create a custom work week view. For example, if you work Wednesday through Sunday, you can make those selections to build a view that reflects your schedule (Figure B).

Figure B