Change your development environment with the Eclipse QuickStart

For a professional developer, the choice of IDE lays the foundation for all the code to come. Use this Builder QuickStart Tool to introduce yourself to the Eclipse environment.

Choosing the integrated development environment (IDE) that best fits the way you work can be vital to a successful application development project. The Builder Eclipse QuickStart tool introduces you to the open source Eclipse development environment. The main focus of Eclipse, in contrast to other open source consortiums, is to build a robust platform for creating commercial tools. This slight difference in focus means developers get a managed-release cycle that more or less meets the advertised dates.

The QuickStart Tool gives you the information you need to quickly grasp the fundamentals of developing in the Eclipse IDE by showing you how to configure it to your personal tastes by using the numerous options available during installation. The QuickStart will show you how to create a new project, create some classes, and run the program.


Besides describing the options available to developers using the Eclipse environment, the QuickStart will describe several of the strengths exhibited by the IDE, including:

  • Great tool set: The Java Development Tools (JDT) are some of the best in the industry.
  • Huge developer community: There are literally hundreds of plug-ins available for use in Eclipse.
  • Commercial model: From the foundation of Eclipse, there is a focus on commercial grade tools so the participants have a vested financial interest in making dates and allowing employees time at work to spend on the tool.


Perhaps it is time for a change of IDEs or perhaps you are looking to expand into new languages. Download the Builder Eclipse QuickStart Tool to introduce yourself to this popular development environment and evaluate the possibilities.


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