TechRepublic has published its screenshot gallery of Windows Longhorn Server, Beta 3.

Here are some of things that stood out to me:

  • The new “Initial Configuration Tasks” applet looks helpful
  • Server Manager has been beefed up to include more tools
  • The “Server Roles” wizard has been expanded to include more roles and config options
  • The Command Prompt and Server Manager are pinned to the Start menu by default, which I like because those tools are heavily used on most Windows servers, and I usually put them on the Quick Launch bar
  • Overall, Microsoft appears to be working toward further simplication and wizardization of GUI config tasks; the jury is still out on whether that will truly result in an OS that is easier to set up and manage
  • Since this is a look a the GUI, one of the most significant new features in Windows Longhorn Server, the PowerShell, isn’t included here

Looking at these screenshots, what are the changes or new features of Windows Longhorn Server that stand out to you?