Need a quick gift? While we can’t set you up with a new notebook computer or your favorite PDA, we can offer four downloads that have been popular with our members. Not surprisingly, some of our best downloads have come from members who wanted to share their ideas and experience with their peers.

Here are the CIO Republic’s four most popular downloads:

  • Our contingency plan checklist, downloaded more than 25,000 times, was submitted to us by TechRepublic member Greg Kelley, who oversees the help desk at Solon, OH-based SS&G Technology Consulting. Learn what steps you can take if you need to keep your business operational during a power outage or disaster.
  • Does the alphabet soup of e-business terminology have you searching the Web for a definition? If you’re looking for help understanding e-business and IT terms, download Gartner’s e-business fundamentals glossary. Nearly 23,000 TechRepublic members have downloaded this listing of more than 400 terms.
  • Whether you’re the IT guru for a newly hatched start-up or an established CIO for a Fortune 500 company, you’ve probably struggled with the issue of deciding what limitations and guidelines you should place on employees concerning e-mail and Internet use. To help you decide, download our samples of acceptable use policies taken from four businesses whose employees have access to both e-mail and the Internet.
  • Our collection of security links, with updates from our members, can help lead you to security solutions from some of the Web’s best sources.

What kinds of downloads would you like to see TechRepublic feature in the coming year? Send us your ideas or begin a discussion below.