When you’re working in Excel and not sure what color font
you should use, you could click on the font color tool and then click on one of
the colors to see how it looks on a selected cell. This can become quite
tedious, as you have to click twice to view each different color till you come
up with the right one.

One solution is to drag the Font Color box off the toolbar
so that it floats and you only need to click the color. Or, you can add the
Cycle Font Color button to your toolbar—it will let you cycle through each
color until you come up with one you like. To add the Cycle font Color button
to your formatting toolbar, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
    Tools | Customize
  2. Click
    the Command tab.
  3. Select
    Format under Category.
  4. Select
    Cycle Font Color under Commands and drag it to your Formatting toolbar.
  5. Click

Now you can click this button to see how each color looks with your selected text.

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