Each TechRepublic community produces up to 50 articles each month. With five communities on our site, that’s an ambitious reading list, even for the most enthusiastic IT pro.

For those of you who may have missed a few days of TechRepublic last month, we took a look at the top articles for IT Consultant Republic for November, as determined by page views. Here’s a review of the top five articles:

  • Which network autodiscovery will work best for you or your clients? In “Members recommend nine tools for network autodiscovery,” we’ve featured tools recommended by TechRepublic members to help document everything on your network. This article features key features, price, and members’ comments.
  • Smaller organizations are often forced to do too much with too few IT assets. Often, security is one of the corners that get cut. In “Network security: Doing too much with too little will cost you,” security consultant John Verry details problems that he and his consultancy found in two organizations.
  • For smaller development projects, especially those with a handful of developers, complex tracking applications may be unnecessary. This spreadsheet, made available as a download, can help you ensure quality throughout the product life cycle.
  • A companion piece to our article on recommended network autodiscovery tools, “Tips for completing a network documentation project,” gives you information on creating and maintaining your client’s network documentation.
  • In “Leave with what’s legally yours when the contract ends,” a consultant who learned that his firm’s contract was going to be cancelled decided to delete files that he had created on his client’s workstations. While he acted within the bounds of his contract, the ensuing discussion around this article showed that our members were divided over his decision.