If you haven’t had a chance during the past few weeks to peruse all of the articles on IT Consultant Republic, don’t worry. You can browse the past few months of content from the IT Consultant home page. If you don’t have that kind of time, don’t worry: We’ve collected the top five articles for the month of June and provided links to related content that we think you’ll find useful.

1. Screen recruiters before trusting them with a job search
While certain segments of the economy seem to be improving, technology spending is still in the doldrums. So are technology-related hires. You may be inclined to use a recruiter to help you land a new contract, but choose wisely. This article suggests ways to choose a reputable recruiter and explains how to focus your job search.

2. Three-step strategy for coping with a difficult client
Aside from being master technologists and business gurus, consultants must also be skillful negotiators. When you have an engagement with a troublesome client, how can you make the best of the relationship? Here’s a three-step strategy to help you cope.

It you’re still looking to land your next contract, read our article on making the best use of career opportunities.

3. Preparation checklist averts rude welcomes at client sites
A TechRepublic member and IT consultant shared his stories about showing up to a client site and finding that the client had done little preparation for his team’s visit. This article lists all the details you and your client should have resolved before your arrival.

If you’re on site, and your client doesn’t have a policy on electronic document retention, you can download the document retention template we’ve created to help members decide what can be kept and for how long.

4. Build your SLA with these five points in mind
A service level agreement (SLA) is commonly used both by consultants who provide support for their clients and IT departments that support internal departments to help manage expectations and quantify service levels. This article lists the five most important elements that your SLA must include.

Are you revising an unsuccessful SLA? The second part of this two-part series looks at the most common mistakes made when writing an SLA and how to avoid them.

5. Download our sample letter of intent template
We’ve taken a letter of intent submitted by a TechRepublic member and turned it into a template. Use this template to outline a sales pitch to your potential clients or in conjunction with an SLA and a contract to solidify the details of the work you’ll be providing.

If your firm is involved in application development and you’re looking for ways to improve your workflow, you can use our PowerPoint presentation, also from a TechRepublic member.