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Communication skills will be more important than ever in hybrid work environments. Managers and team members alike need to have a new set of tactics for rebuilding relationships and staying in touch with remote workers.

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This round up of Udemy courses will improve your management skills to keep teams connected and engaged. If you or your colleagues are feeling worn down from the pandemic, check out the courses on resilience and coping with change.

How to hire and manage virtual teams—This hour-long course has five sections and 20 lectures. The material covers the entire process from creating a virtual team to getting work done. Students get access to video lectures, articles and downloadable resources. $80.

How to manage and influence your virtual team—This three-hour course covers the psychology of communication in virtual teams, the principles of behavior change and building trust in virtual environments. It qualifies for three professional development units under the Project Management Institute’s education requirement. $100.

COVID-19 culture strategy for motivating and managing your team—This course is for mid-level managers and covers empathy, crisis communication and resilience. The 30 lectures last more than nine hours, and students can get a certificate of completion. $100.

Neuroplasticity: How to rewire your brain—If you’ve got some brain fog floating around after a year of pandemic living, this course can help you snap out of it. Neuroplasticity is the idea that your brain can be rewired to let go of one thought pattern—I can’t do this—and adopt another—I can do this. This course includes more than 30 exercises, a detailed blueprint to form new habits or change existing ones, and a chapter on overcoming procrastination. $85.

Developing emotional intelligence in teams—This course explains how to work together and communicate more efficiently. The course also covers the emotions experienced during change and suggestions for developing resilience. The 56 lectures cover 2.5 hours and include conflict management and resolution. $100.

Communication skills machine: Master persuasion and influence—This course promises to teach you the most effective method to pitch a product, service or idea that will get almost anyone to say yes. This course teaches communication skills to become more persuasive and influential over the course of 24 lectures in just under three hours. $100.

Performance under pressure—This course can help you change your attitude about stress and improve your response to pressure. The 54 lectures cover 4.5 hours, and topics range from recognizing triggers to identifying solutions and taking action. $80.