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The move toward server-based computing is gaining momentum, and many organizations are looking at getting their feet wet with Windows 2000 Terminal Services. Here are some resources and links to help you get started with a Terminal Services deployment.

Windows 2000 Terminal Services has brought server-based computing and thin clients to the masses, and it promises to gain more attention in the future as “Web services” and server-based computing come to the forefront of IT. A recent NetAdmin QuickPoll (see Figure A) shows that many organizations are already taking advantage of the benefits offered by Win2K Terminal Services. Here are some links to TechRepublic articles and other Internet resources to help you in your implementation of Win2K Terminal Services.

Figure A

TechRepublic articles
  • "Win2K Terminal Services offers improved performance and functionality": Win2K Terminal Services provides many enhancements over its predecessor, Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server, and this article gives you the details. It also introduces the strengths of the Win2K TS product and shows you how to install it.
  • "Using Win2K Terminal Server to save on shoe leather": Once you have Terminal Services up and running, this article will show you how to take advantage of its computing model for thin client services and remote administration. You’ll also learn about some of the initial configuration issues and licensing requirements.
  • "Extend your organization with Win2K Terminal Services": This case study shows how the TechRepublic IT department used the Terminal Services remote administration features to remotely manage a large number of Windows NT/2000 Servers.
  • "WTS and MetaFrame improvements drive thin clients": When you’re looking at the bottom line, this Gartner Tech Perspective will help you see the true value proposition of terminal service computing and understand the current trends that are affecting this technology.
  • "When does Citrix provide value over Win2K Terminal Services?": Despite all the power that Win2K Terminal Services includes, there are times when an organization demands a more robust and flexible solution—such as the one available with Citrix MetaFrame. Take a look at this article to see when to use MetaFrame to extend the power of Win2K Terminal Services.

Other resources
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