If you need to know the total uptime on a Windows NT server,
you have a few options. One way is to enter the following command at the
command prompt:

C:\> net statistics server | more

Statistics Since… will appear at the top of the screen,
which will display the time since the Server service started. Keep in mind that
if someone has issued the Net Stop and
Net Start commands, the displayed
uptime will be incorrect.

Windows NT’s Performance Monitor is also an option, which
you can access by going to Start | Programs | Administrative Tools |
Performance Monitor. One of the Performance Monitor counters for the System
object is System Uptime.

In addition, the Server Information command-line utility (Srvinfo.exe),
included in the Windows NT Resource Kit, also displays total uptime, which
you’ll find in the last line of output.

However, the Server Information tool also provides a lot
more additional information. Its output also lists details about the server,
including the version, service packs, hot fixes, services, installed hardware,
and more.

When you run the Server Information tool, the output will
look something like this:

Server Name: NTSERVER
Security: Users
NT Type: WinNT Server
Version: 4.0, Build = 1381, CSD = Service Pack 4, RC 1.99
Domain: DOMAIN1
IP Address:
CPU[0]: x86 Family 6 Model 3 Stepping 3
Hotfixes: [Q147222]:
Drive: [FileSys] [Size] [Free]
[Stopped] Alerter
System Up Time: 124 Hr 18 Min 5 Sec

You can also use switches with the command to return less or
more information.

  • -ns:
    Does not display any service information.
  • -d:
    Shows service drivers and service.
  • -v:
    Displays version information for Exchange Server, Internet Information
    Services, and SQL Server.
  • -s:
    Shows shares.