If you get the movie reference in the title of this post, you’re my

kind of pop-culture geek. That said, it occurs to me that “Trivial

Pursuits” is a rather obvious title for my blog–since, you know, I’m

The Trivia Geek–and that a Google search will prove it has been used

by many others for their Web-based bully pulpits. Thus, I’ve elected to

change it, and I’ve narrowed my options to one of those listed below:

  • The Prince of Dorkness
  • Locutus of Blog
  • Through a Glass, Dorkly
  • Geek and Ye Shall Find
  • The Geek Shall Inherit

If anybody has a strong preference for one of the above, let me know.

Embracing my ultimate, unique level of geekness will require help from

all of you. Please leave a comment with your vote, if you have one.

Oh, and for all you mere mortal movie-watchers out there, the title-quote is from here.