Job Title : Head of IT

Organization : Hampshire County Council

As head of IT at Hampshire County Council Jos Creese runs a team of more than 420 business and IT staff and is involved nationally, regionally and corporately in a range of transformational and shared service programmes.

In addition to running the IT group, Creese oversees the ‘business change through IT’ programmes and provides services to several hundred public sector organisations beyond the council on a business basis.

Creese adheres to the principle that IT delivery must be run with full profit-and-loss accountability and a corporate service ethos.

Creese has more than 20 years of IT management experience and has worked for central government, district and unitary councils. He is involved in a number of national groups on IT, working with the Local Government Association, Cabinet Office and local authority IT body Socitm. He is also a member of the CIO Council, the body run by government CIO John Suffolk.