Job Title : CIO

Organization : Lloyds of London

Peter Hambling has just taken on the top IT role at insurance exchange Lloyds of London in May of this year after two years as head of sales delivery for HSBC’s UK retail network, where he led a team creating a next-generation retail banking model for the group.

He has an enviable track record in the financial services sector, consistently leading and delivering cost reductions, improving revenue and increasing brand equity in technology-led business programmes.

Hambling spent 20 years at the Midland Bank and then HSBC, after the giant bought Inner Product, a company he founded early in the 1980s when he was just 18 years old. The company pioneered the use of PCs in financial services and provided trading calculators and consulting services to foreign exchange and commodities trading organisations.

During his time at HSBC Hambling designed and supervised the build of HSBC’s second-generation global ecommerce platforms, boosted sales on fee-based accounts by more than 250 per cent through various multi-channel interactive sales tools and changed HSBC’s approach to branch resourcing by identifying untapped opportunities.

Hambling is also a private helicopter pilot, keen sailor, amateur diver and enthusiastic photographer.