Job Title : CTO

Organization : Betfair

Rorie Devine is CTO of Betfair, one of the UK’s fastest growing and most innovative online companies. As a betting exchange, Betfair takes the bookmaker middleman out of the equation by allowing gamblers to both lay and place bets against each other.

Devine joined Betfair in 2003, working his way up from infrastructure director and IS director to CTO in 2006, replacing David Yu who is now the CEO of the company.

Scalability and availability are the two big challenges for Devine and his team at a fast-growing and high-transaction business.

Devine has a degree in Computer Systems and Electronics from Kings College and started his career with Logica, working with clients such as the Bank of England. He then moved on to consulting on trading-floor systems in investment banking, working with more than 20 major financial institutions. Next Devine held a variety of leadership roles in internet businesses before landing at Betfair.