Job Title : Fidelity International

Organization : CIO

Although he has techie experience in BIS applied systems and project management at CSC, Ian Thompson’s career has mainly stayed in the realms of investment banking, with stints at UBS Investment Banking, NatWest Markets and ABN Amro.

His first role as CIO was at Royal Bank of Scotland in 2000, following the acquisition of NatWest, where he was tasked with integrating the merged companies’ systems.

At Fidelity, where he joined in 2007, Thompson’s energies have been focused on bringing the IT function more in line with core business goals and making it more of a critical component of the companies operations, both to staff and customers.

Thompson has a degree in mathematics and computer science from the Polytechnic Centre of London.

Outside of work, Thompson enjoys spending time with his family and his four boys. He has a passion for motor racing and following many years of Kart racing, he regularly races his Caterham 7 in Europe the UK.