Job Title : Teletext

Organization : CTO

Before joining Teletext, Beighton has had a long career in IT, although he started his career at British Steel, within his home city of Sheffield.

After university studying a computing and operational research degree, he joined NCR in the early days of Unix as a systems engineer.

He went on to work for The Instruction Set, a Unix development house, then Hoskyns, followed by Capgemini through acquisition. Beighton spent 10 years with Capgemini, running its technology consulting.

From there, he went on to set up his own venture capital consultancy and advisor business with two partners in the midst of the internet bubble, and joined as CTO, up to its sale to Sabre/Travelocity.

Beighton was then forced to take a long term break after a serious road accident. However, for the last three years he has worked as CTO at DMGT Teletext, focusing on digital media and the digital television/video revolution. His duties include sitting on the board of DigitalUK, for digital switchover.

His hobbies include just about all things geeky, and he spends a lot of time building lots of home technology. Other interests include motorbikes, kendo and video games with his children.