Job Title : DHL Logistics

Organization : CIO

Nigel Underwood has been CIO at DHL Logistics for around three years, joining after the company acquired Exel where he had been CIO previously. Following the acquisition, Underwood was charged with integrating the IT of the two companies, which should now be nearing completion.

He has a strong track record of delivering with this kind of integration project, having done the same at Exel while also leading an aggressive cost-cutting and global supply chain programme when Exel bought logistics company Tibbett and Britten.

Throughout his career, Underwood has had senior roles at some of the biggest consumer and retail brands in the shape of Boots, Coca-Cola Schweppes and Mars and he was also senior VP for IT at the Hilton Group.

Underwood studied at Nottingham University and is an avid follower and associate director of Coca-Cola League two football club Lincoln City.