Job Title : Transport for London

Organization : Group CIO

In his first move into the public sector Phil Pavitt was appointed as Group CIO for Transport for London (TfL) in early 2007. His main task has been integrating the systems of the 13 individual companies that were combined to make the organisation eight years ago.

Pavitt is involved in reducing TfL’s software estate to seven core applications and going through vendor agreements with due diligence.

The next challenge for Pavitt is the wider London agenda. He is already heavily involved in the Greater London Authority (GLA) CIO Group.

Pavitt began his career in 1996 as director of commercial support at International CabelTel. In 1998 he headed up NTL’s internet TV launch, becoming CIO for the company in 2003 and in 2005 he moved to Onetel, part of the Centrica group, also as CIO.

Alongside his work commitments Pavitt is also a trustee of Bar ‘N’ Bus, an outreach charity working with young people in South East Essex.