Job Title : Ministry of Justice

Organization : CIO

As CIO for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Yvonne Gallagher is responsible for leading the MoJ’s IT and information strategy, for the provision of IT services to the Ministry’s headquarters, Her Majesty’s Court Service, Tribunals and the Judiciary and the delivery of large and high profile programmes and projects.

This year she has been responsible for the delivery of one of the largest and most complex IT transitions in government, moving from eight major suppliers to two.

Gallagher is also a major contributor to the wider Whitehall agenda together with colleagues on the CIO Council taking forward an ambitious programme of work ensuring that IT supports the business transformation of government.

She has championed the development of the IT profession, sitting on the Government IT Profession Board which is concerned with managing the top talent government wide. She is also a member of the Government IT Skills and Academy Group focusing on identifying how to attract and retain IT staff and develop IT capability.

Prior to joining the MoJ Gallagher was CIO at the Department of Trade and Industry with additional responsibilities in information, procurement, security, estate management and emergency planning.

Before joining the Civil Service she spent more than 20 years in IT mostly in financial services. Here she held many senior management roles in broader business operations, strategy and marketing as well as IT.