Organization : CIO

Before David Wilde joined Westminster City Council as CIO, he held a number of public sector roles, including head of ebusiness and head of internal and electronic communications for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, and running internet service development and delivery for the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency.

Westminster is Wilde’s second CIO role, following a stint as head of IT at London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Wilde has been in his current role since July last year, where is he responsible for the council’s new ICT strategy.

As part of that strategy, Wilde is overseeing the council’s move to a zero-infrastructure IT department by 2015, with the vast majority of services outsourced by 2012 – a move that is seeing Westminster’s IT department broaden to encompass more service delivery management and other soft skills as well as technical knowledge.

Wilde is interested in the council’s use of web services – aiming to extend the use of self-service and the ‘tell us once’ principle – as well as the greater potential use of social networking technology to consult and engage with residents.