Organization : Chief Officer, ICT

Dylan Roberts is chief officer, ICT, of Leeds City Council – where he steers a 345-strong team of business and IT pros engaged in transformation programmes at a national, regional and city level.

Despite being on the right side of 40, Roberts already has a decade of experience as a public sector CIO, gaining his first appointment as head of ICT at Denbighshire County Council at the relatively tender age of 28. He has a total of 20 years’ experience in public sector ICT and is also MBA qualified.

Under Roberts, the Leeds ICT service has been recognised through awards and independent benchmarking as an example of modern organisational design, good performance, multi-sourcing, and for having a people-centric approach to professionalism.

Among his current priorities at the council are the development of a Digital Community Strategy for the region, and the delivery of more operational efficiencies by deploying collaboration and converged communications technologies.