Job Title : Chief Officer of ICT

Organization : Leeds City Council

With more than 20 years’ experience in the public sector under his belt, Dylan Roberts currently holds the position of chief officer of ICT at Leeds City Council.

Roberts, who leads a team of 302 business and ICT professionals, has been responsible for driving down the cost of providing the council’s IT even while its complexity and overall usage has grown.

He’s also involved in a range of transformational programmes at a national, regional and city level. This includes the Changing the Workplace programme which involves radically changing the way people work.

As an experienced IT leader – he has more than 10 years’ experience as a CIO and previously worked as head of IT at Denbighshire County Council – Roberts is now helping to influence the direction of the Public Services Network, a project to develop a network across the public sector, and the government cloud computing infrastructure known as the G-Cloud.

Roberts also participates in a number of local and national bodies, including the Local CIO Council, the Yorkshire & Humber Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership and the public sector IT management body Socitm.

MBA-qualified Roberts – who describes himself as “a passionate Welshman – fluent in the language of the heavens” – is also a keen football fan and is on the hunt for a football team to manage after looking after an adult squad in North Wales for 10 years.