Job Title : CIO

Organization : UK Government

It has been another busy and significant year for the man who is the public face of government IT in the UK.

John Suffolk leads the work of the government CIO Council in delivering its strategy of transforming public services using technology. He is also head of the IT Professionalism programme, aimed at creating an IT profession and career ladder in the public sector.

On top of this, in this past year, Suffolk has overseen the creation of the Government ICT Strategy, a far-reaching plan to save £3.2bn annually from 2013/14 by transforming public sector technology.

The strategy includes the development of a government-wide cloud computing platform called the G-Cloud, a Government Application Store, and a single telecoms network infrastructure.

This move to cloud computing could – over time – lead to a massive shake-up in the way technology is used by the public sector, reducing the number of datacentres and applications needed. As Suffolk told earlier this year: “Even in the early modelling there is a substantial benefit when you ask how much would it save.”

After a 25-year career spanning both public and private sector – including roles as a business troubleshooter, MD of Britannia and director general of the government’s £2bn Criminal Justice IT programme – Suffolk took on the mantle of UK government CIO in 2006. He now heads up an IT function that supports six million public sector workers.

When he’s not looking after the government’s IT, Suffolk likes to spend his spare time on his farm looking after rare-breed sheep and pigs.