Job Title : CIO

Organization : Telegraph Media Group

Paul Cheesbrough has been CIO for the Telegraph Media Group (TMG) since 2007 and is responsible for the organisation’s technology strategy, infrastructure, operations and web and mobile development teams.

During his time at TMG, Cheesbrough has been a keen proponent of cloud computing, having overseen a three-year technology transformation that has led to a significant amount of TMG’s back office technology moving into the cloud .

The aim of the challenging project, which is nearing its end, was to make the business more agile in terms of developing new technology and to work with vendors who are able to adapt faster than traditional technology refresh timescales.

TMG now uses Google Apps, CRM and Amazon’s EC2 technology and Cheesbrough can often be found speaking about the benefits of cloud computing at various conferences around the world.

Despite being just 35 years old, Cheesbrough has also held senior positions at the BBC and IBM. He was controller of digital media at the BBC and before that, the broadcaster’s technology controller. He has also worked as a technology consultant for IBM.

As well as his career achievements, he also completed the London Marathon for the first time this year. Cheesbrough studied strategic systems management at university and went on to do an MBA.

It was recently announced that Cheesbrough will leave TMG to join News International as CIO in the autumn. He will be responsible for developing the technology platforms and digital infrastructure for the publisher of the The Times and The Sun.