Job Title : CIO

Organization : Foreign and Commonwealth Office

As CIO of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Tony Mather, who joined the organisation in 2007, is responsible for setting the agenda for the department’s global change programme.

This has involved using technology to allow its 15,000 staff at embassies worldwide to try out new ways of working and developing new ways of carrying out foreign policy and delivering services to British nationals abroad.

Recent achievements have involved setting up a ‘virtual leadership conference’ with, for the first time, all embassies collaborating in an online debate, led by the Foreign Secretary, on key foreign policy and climate issues.

This year has also seen the conclusion of a worldwide technology refresh covering more than 170 countries.

Prior to the FCO, Mather worked as global service delivery director at BOC for four years, with previous roles at Safeway Stores, Pepsi and British Airways. In his spare time he enjoys marathon running, skydiving and coaching rugby at his local club.