Job Title : VP and CIO

Organization : General Motors Europe

Alejandro Martinez Galindo became CIO for car manufacturer General Motors (GM) Europe in July 2006 and is responsible for the design, implementation and management of technology support for General Motors’ European operations.

Based at the GM Europe IT HQ in Bracknell, Martinez Galindo is also a member of the Opel/Vauxhall European leadership board.

Martinez Galindo came to Europe having led IT for GM in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. His first assignment with GM was as the company’s CIO in Mexico.

Prior to his arrival at GM in 1999, Martinez Galindo was director of information technology and strategic planning for truck and bus manufacturers Paccar México and Méxicana de Autobuses.

Martinez Galindo gained a BSc and Master of Science degree in computer science at Mexico City’s Universidad La Salle.

Away from his day job, he is a keen football fan and collects shirts of the Mexico national football team.