Job Title : CIO

Organization : Westminster City Council

David Wilde has worked in the public sector for much of his career and became CIO of Westminster City Council in July 2009. This is Wilde’s second appearance on the CIO50 list following his debut in 2009.

Wilde is currently driving the adoption of cloud computing services and implementing strong information governance at the council.

As a result of this work, much of the organisation’s IT is now operating as a private cloud-based service, which has led to a 30 per cent reduction in costs combined with improvements in service quality and performance.

This work is part of the overall strategy leading to zero-infrastructure IT by 2015 and the majority of services being outsourced by 2012 so that the IT department can focus on service delivery management, soft skills and greater technical knowledge.

Wilde is also looking at establishing frameworks for shared services and convergence to cut costs, as well as using social networking to engage more effectively with local residents.

Before joining Westminster City Council, Wilde was CIO at the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Prior to Waltham Forest, Wilde was head of ebusiness and internal and electronic communications at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister where he oversaw the ICT strategy and service management, e-government and electronic communications.

Wilde’s other public sector roles have included running internet service development and delivery for the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency and working on the schools capital policy of the Department of Education and Employment, including the New Deal for Schools programme.