Job Title : Director of IT

Organization : Home Office

In her post as director of Home Office IT, McDonagh has demonstrated how to streamline an IT estate that spans one of the largest organisations in government.

By cutting out technology duplication and creating an IT services model that sees the department accessing services from a multi-sourced supply, McDonagh and her team have reduced the Home Office’s IT costs by almost one-third while improving the quality of its technology services.

McDonagh also has influence over the reform of how IT services are delivered across Whitehall, thanks to her role in developing the government’s shift towards accessing IT services from the cloud and her position on forums for senior technology suppliers to the public sector.

A firm believer in the need for strong inhouse talent, McDonagh has focused on building a team of skilled IT professionals within the department.

Outside of work, Denise is involved in a number of charitable organisations and is kept busy looking after two teenage daughters.