Job Title : CIO

Organization : Gatwick Airport

The past year has seen Stuart Birrell play a key role in keeping Gatwick Airport running smoothly after it was sold by airport operator BAA in 2009.

Birrell, who was appointed CIO in November 2008, has been leading the complex process of separating Gatwick’s IT from the 140 legacy systems inherited from BAA.

As part of the transition, Birrell has taken full control of the airport’s IT systems and undertaken critical improvements to build a more capable technology base for Gatwick.

Under Birrell’s stewardship, SAP and Siemens IT Solutions and Services are working to install a new IT system across all parts of the airport by the summer of 2012.

Before joining Gatwick, Birrell was VP for IT at Acco Brands Europe, where he led the post-merger development of a single IT function.

Prior to that, he held a range of senior IT and operations positions at PepsiCo International UK, having previously served in engineering roles at Nissan Motor Group UK and Kimberly-Clark.

Outside of Gatwick Airport, he is a keen mountain biker and enjoys sailing.