Job Title : CIO

Organization : easyJet

Didcock is an experienced CIO who has led major restructuring programmes for some of the UK’s best known brands.

As well as CIO at easyJet, Didcock is director of the airline’s strategic change programme – continuing a tradition of guiding companies through large-scale technology transformation projects which has characterised his career.

Over the past 12 years, he has led substantial IT change programmes at HomeServe, the AA and the RAC.

Didcock has taken the lead on a broad range of restructuring activities – including outsourcing and insourcing programmes, and IT changes associated with the acquisition and disposal of nine organisations, including the sale of the AA twice.

Systems transformation work helmed by Didcock includes the replacement of whole suites of systems and infrastructure with a mix of packaged, bespoke and cloud-based products.

During his career, Didcock has served multiple large US multinationals, such as Mars, J P Morgan and Esso.

His diverse skillset is reflected by his qualifications, which include an MBA, a marketing diploma and an engineering degree, and Didcock believes in creating teams with similarly varied backgrounds.

Outside work, Didcock is renovating a 350-year-old house and sails, on top of the full-time job of being a husband and father to three children.