Job Title : CIO

Organization : Nuffield Health

The CIO of Nuffield Health makes her debut on the CIO50 list this year after joining the UK’s largest health charity in September 2011.

Myerson is responsible for IT strategy, IT solution delivery and the provision of IT services across the Nuffield Health Group.

She has a broad range of experience, working in different countries from both a global and national perspective, predominantly within the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare sectors.

Before Nuffield Health, Myerson was VP of consumer IT at GlaxoSmithKline where she oversaw IT on a global level. She has also been IT solutions director for Wyeth UK, a consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical business, and worked for Astra Zeneca.

Myerson spent 11 years working with Accenture, specialising in large-scale complex systems development and service implementation work. Towards the end of her stint at Accenture, she specialised in the pharmaceutical sector, becoming an expert in all aspects of clinical-trial management and customer-relationship systems strategy, design and development.