Job Title : CIO

Organization : Essex County Council

David Wilde has a history of transforming IT delivery to reduce government spending and improve public service efficiency.

Currently CIO at Essex County Council, Wilde is moving certain systems to the private cloud, increasing the use of shared services and supporting self-service provision. Cost reductions of almost £15m have been achieved while also transforming IT services, in turn supporting more than £100m in wider efficiencies.

Previously Wilde was CIO for Westminster City Council, where he implemented a strategy to run the bulk of the organisation’s IT from private cloud-based services, resulting in cost reductions of more than 30 per cent and improved customer-satisfaction levels.

A firm believer in the need for the IT department to articulate the business value of IT, he recently told TechRepublic that failure to do so risks seeing the IT department demoted to a necessary but uninteresting support service.

Before joining Westminster, Wilde served as CIO at the London Borough of Waltham Forest, where his responsibilities included the council’s access to services strategy and transforming service delivery.

He also has experience in central government, working as head of e-business and head of internal and electronic communications for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and a role in the then Department for Education and Employment.