Job Title : Director of IT

Organization : Home Office

In her post as director of Home Office IT, Denise McDonagh has effectively demonstrated how to organise one of the largest IT departments in government.

The mother of two has been able to reduce IT costs by almost one-third by removing duplicated technology and sourcing technology from several suppliers.

McDonagh also leads G-Cloud, a public sector wide programme that aims to revolutionise the way that IT is purchased and used. G-Cloud is designed to make it easier for SMEs to do business with the public sector and deliver savings throughout the IT lifecycle.

In her 25-year career in the UK civil service, McDonagh has delivered high-profile IT programmes with budgets running into hundreds of millions of pounds in many UK central government departments, including Health and DEFRA.

Outside work, McDonagh is involved in a number of charitable organisations, where she helps homeless and disadvantaged people to improve their IT skills. McDonagh is also a golf enthusiast.