Job Title : CIO

Organization : Channel 4

Kevin Gallagher has been CIO at Channel 4 since 2009, having first joined the organisation 12 years ago.

Over this period the broadcaster’s application portfolio has undergone major changes, with the development of consumer-facing products an increasingly important focus for the technology team.

Alongside this shift comes a drive to develop a closer relationship with the viewer through data collection, analysis and product personalisation. The operating ethos of the organisation is to remain lean – the £1bn annual revenue is brought in by fewer than 800 staff, which drives investment in new ways of working and continual process improvement and technology efficiencies.

Gallagher’s teams have been critical to the success of a number of key initiatives for the broadcaster in 2012. This year during the Paralympics Channel 4 delivered to its biggest audience for 10 years, and yet the IT team had only 10 days to set up this coverage – a testament to the way IT continually adapts and performs. The website and apps delivered over a million live streams as well as highlights of the Games, all without major hitches.

Channel 4 and Gallagher’s development team played a pivotal role in the YouView project which brings free-broadcast, catch-up and on-demand TV through a set-top box.

Under his direction, the IT team is responsible for more than 100 projects a year, ranging from large-scale product delivery, through to the underpinning sales, scheduling and financial systems. Channel 4 has also been an early adopter of the bring-your-own-device approach.

Before joining Channel 4, Gallagher worked in the private and public sector, including two years in Nigeria with VSO. His first graduate position was in manufacturing.