Job Title : CTO

Organization : ITV

When Paul Dale joined ITV in January 2011, he became the UK’s largest commercial TV network’s first CTO. With a seat on ITV’s management board, Dale is responsible for all the network’s technology, from TV production systems and content delivery, to ERP and core infrastructure.

His first two years at ITV were taken up with the Workplace Refresh project, an 18-month programme that rolled out advanced, mobile, consumerised, virtualised and cloud-based IT to the whole company.

Dale’s business delivery team is responsible for the operational side of ITV, ensuring the network stays on air and delivering the popular TV shows that reach over 80 per cent of the total UK audience in any given week. He is also a director of satellite TV joint-venture Freesat and hybrid digital TV service YouView.

Before ITV, Dale spent two years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as CTO of leading Asian pay-TV operator Astro. At the cross-media company, he led the creation of an advanced broadcast and content-delivery platform.

Previous tenures include controller at the BBC, and 12 years at BSkyB and News International, including technology director and development and operations director.