Job Title : Director of ICT

Organization : Kent County Council

Peter Bole has been responsible for sourcing and implementing all aspects of technology supporting Kent County Council’s services for over a year, taking up the role of director of ICT in May 2011.

Kent County Council is part of the Kent Connects partnership, where Bole has helped to develop shared infrastructure to improve services and reduce costs at the council. Bole is also a member of the National LCIO Council, and local government chair of the Socitm-Intellect forum.

Bole has been with the council since the early 1990s, joining the organisation as a financial analyst after a degree in computer studies.

Bole later became head of ICT service delivery when the council established a single IT function in 1998. In the role, Bole focused on merging and rationalising the then numerous ICT teams, networks, email system and technical architectures at the council.

Bole subsequently became Kent County Council’s head of ICT commissioning, where he introduced a delivery model to improve the alignment of ICT with the strategic objectives of the council, which included an initiative to manage the desktop environment as a service.