If you had mentioned the words “Internet start-up” to a roomful of people 10 years ago, it’s doubtful they would have understood what you were talking about.

“You’re doing something with computers or something, right?” your unimpressed host would have asked. “Where’s the money in that?”

Nowadays, a whisper of the word “start-up” amid the same group of people spawns every armchair consultant to chime in:

“My brother would love to be your IT manager. He’s up for parole next month.”

“Don’t start-ups always fail?”

“Why would anyone want to go to your site?”

“Stock options. You gotta offer stock options.”

“I hear there’s this guy named ‘V.C. Funding’ you have to call…”

So you’re walking the high-tech high wire, hoping that you’ve brought together the most talented people to deliver the best product possible. You’ve made sacrifices that you promised yourself you couldn’t make.

Along the way you’ve learned how to handle technological and management challenges you didn’t anticipate. You and your staff have worked harder and learned more than you ever thought possible.

Wouldn’t you like to tell us about it?

TechRepublic knows how much work it takes to make a start-up succeed. But we want to hear it from you.

In a new feature we’re calling “The Start-up Diaries,” you’ll tell us the daily challenges you’ve faced at the helm of an Internet start-up. If you’re not comfortable using your name or the name of your company, we’ll give you a pseudonym. What’s important is that you share your story.

We’re looking for up to a week’s worth of first-hand, first-person accounts of your experience leading a company. Send us a few paragraphs in an e-mail describing your company and your role. We’ll contact you for more details.
Now’s the time to share your start-up experience. Write to CIORepublic, and share your start-up story with the IT world.