Businesses are looking to CIOs to bridge the gap between tech and business by having corporate vision, helping optimize business processes, and offering insight into new areas of growth. Does this sound like a career you’d be interested in?


Last week I wrote about how IT roles and titles may be changing to better align with business. One of the most prevalent opinions expressed in the feedback was that, no matter what you call an IT pro, he or she is always going to have to be tech-centric. And, actually, when you think about it, that makes sense. Why would you want some of your most technically skilled people to dilute their skill sets?

From reports I’ve seen, it appears that businesses are looking to CIOs to bridge the gap between tech and business. They want CIOs to have corporate vision, help optimize business processes, and offer insight into new areas of growth. That could mean a pretty steep learning curve for a CIO with a purely technical background. It means going from a tactical sense of operating (keeping systems running) to a strategic one (what tech trends do you see four or five years down the road?).

Do you think this is a tougher professional road than others in the C-suite have to travel? Do you think it’s a road that’s even possible to travel in light of the fact that most businesses still view IT as a cost center?