Your desk could look very different in a few years, with CIOs predicting the death of two of its standard fixtures.

Nearly two-thirds of CIOs expect the desk phone to disappear from everyday use within five years, with PCs are the next most likely to become redundant, according to 62 per cent of CIOs.

It’s perhaps no surprise. Mobile working has made any fixed hardware increasingly irrelevant, and the bring your own device trend has only accelerated the demise of the office phone and the desktop.

In contrast, smartphones are seen by 13 per cent of CIOs as the least likely devices to be abandoned, although the research suggested IT leaders still need convincing about tablets, with nearly a quarter expecting the devices to fall out of fashion. The research, sponsored by Virgin Media Business, involved interviews with 500 CIOs.

What do you think is the next piece of enterprise technology most likely to be heading for the scrap heap?