CIO Insight’s 2008 CIO Role Survey reveals that 29 percent of participating CIOs manage another department or business unit in addition to IT. A Forrester analyst says you can expect that situation to become more common.

This development is a positive career offshoot due to the perception of CIO as problem-solver. When situations arise that call for more logistic and analytical skills, CIOs seem to be the natural choice.

In many companies, it is the CIO who is in charge of office moves or real estate changes. Companies who want to learn more about their customers’ Web habits will have to lean heavily on the CIO for the tools needed to gather that knowledge.

Another article from CIOInsight points out that a CIO’s knowledge of intellectual property is broadly applicable to a company during an acquisition, and that CIOs do well on acquisition teams.

I’m curious as to whether you’ve seen this shift in your company. Can you name other roles that a CIO might do well in besides strictly IT?