Cisco Live 2018: How Tufin's automation solutions and expanded Cisco partnership simplifies security policy management

Tufin explains how their SecureMigrate product automates security policy management and simplifies migration from Cisco ASA to FirePOWER.

Cisco Live 2018: How Tufin's automation solutions and expanded Cisco partnership simplifies security policy management

Joe Schreiber, technical director at Tufin, sat down with TechRepublic at Cisco Live 2018 to explain how the company's change automation solution simplifies security policy management and discusses their expanding support for Cisco FirePOWER. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Joe Schreiber: We've had a long-standing partnership with Cisco. We've been working with them for over a decade, and we support a wide variety of their products, from ACI to Tetration, and of course, ASA and FirePOWER.

Most of our users are using Tufin for audit and compliance, and of course, change automation, which is the greatest thing out there right now. Change automation is the ability to update policy without actually doing it as a manual process; rather from going from product to product or manager to manager, you can use a single product like Tufin to enact changes across a variety of devices.

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We are announcing our SecureMigrate product, which has gone GA. It's the ability to migrate from ASA to FirePOWER. We leverage our abstraction layer to break the policy components of both ASA and FirePOWER apart, and then use those constituents to make a secure, accurate, and a very efficient migration.

We're going to continue our support for FirePOWER throughout the year, adding more and more capabilities to the platform to help our users take advantage of the next gen features of FirePOWER, and then continue their ability to do change automation across a variety of platforms.

Tufin has been helping our users keep pace with the business while networks have grown in size and complexity, the expectation of administrators and engineers has not changed, and the tool that those practitioners often turn to is often automation, and with our complete support for a variety of platforms, users are able to take advantage of our automation to make changes quickly and with full compliance and audit trails.

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