At Cisco Live 2019, TechRepublic Associate Managing Editor Teena Maddox met with Schneider Electric Director of Comm at Global Strategic Alliances Scott San Antonio about the merging–and possible applications–of APC by Schneider’s physical infrastructure with Cisco’s HyperFlex compute platform. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Teena Maddox:Tell me what Schneider Electric and you are doing here this week at Cisco Live.

Scott San Antonio:We’re really excited to be here at Cisco Live this week. This is our first live physical demonstration of HyperFlex for the Edge in the US, in the NAM in fact. We unveiled a solution at Cisco Live in Barcelona back in February, and this is our kind of ‘coming out party,’ for the NAM.

Teena Maddox:Tell me a little bit about how HyperFlex works.

Scott San Antonio:The HyperFlex for the Edge solution is the marrying of APC by Schneider’s physical infrastructure, that is geared towards edge deployments, and Cisco’s HyperFlex compute platform.

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Teena Maddox:What are some of the ways that your customers are using edge computing?

Scott San Antonio:It really depends on the vertical, but we see a lot of retail applications, financial applications, healthcare, and higher ed applications. It’s really designed for customers that need distributed compute, oftentimes in a lights out type atmosphere where there isn’t a lot of physical IT support. They need to be able to remotely monitor, remotely manage, not only the compute, but the physical infrastructure that supports the compute–HyperFlex for the Edge does that.

Teena Maddox:Tell me how customers can benefit from this?

Scott San Antonio:There’s a lot of ways. Number one is just the fact that they have this turnkey solution that they can go ahead and install. It’s based on three different validated designs, reference designs, that we put together with Cisco. For the reseller community it’s great, because these solutions are loaded into Schneider’s Local Edge Configurator, so they can go and build these solutions, and we have these fully validated designs that they can go ahead and integrate for the customer and deliver as a turnkey solution. It’s great for the end users, because it meets the needs that they have and it’s also great for our value added resellers and distributor community as well.

Teena Maddox:How do edge solutions help a business?

Scott San Antonio:We at APC by Schneider have recognized that in order to have a full robust lifecycle for your data, you need to embrace not only cloud technology and hybrid technology, hybrid cloud technology, but you still need on-prem compute–you still need to do functions on-premises. In order to have robust compute on-premises, and not have an IT person at every single retail location, or every single bank branch, you need to be able to have a very dynamic, remotely monitored and manageable compute platform and physical support infrastructure. And that’s what this HyperFlex at the Edge does, and that’s what edge technology does. It helps support a complete data lifecycle.

Image: TechRepublic