Cisco’s closing of its IronPort acquisition means enterprises can expect security solutions that span the complete breadth of network infrastructure and application traffic that flows through. IronPort’s SenderBase Web traffic monitoring service would make a perfect partner to Cisco’s network-level security products.

Enterprises too often grapple with interoperability issues when it comes to using third-party products that cater to different segments in securing the corporate environment. Cisco’s completion of the IronPort merger will enable it to bundle the SenderBase content filtering tool in addition to the network level security features.

SenderBase enjoys the reputation of being a “unique database that collects information from more than 100,000 Internet service providers, universities, and corporations around the world. It measures more than 110 parameters for any active e-mail and Web server on the Internet, helping to determine the trustworthiness of the source of any e-mail or Web traffic” (Webwire). Cisco expects to release integrated products by early 2008.

Quote from another article @ CRN:

Scott Weiss, former chief executive of IronPort and now general manager of the IronPort Business Unit, said: “IronPort is known for building industry-leading email appliances, but when we introduced our Web security appliance last year, we realized the power of products working better together. Our e-mail products are better because we have Web products and vice versa. Merging this technology into Cisco’s Self-Defending Network portfolio creates even more powerful solutions for the market place.”

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Last week, I covered other security products that provided encryption at OSI Layer -2 and selective blocking via application identification over Internet traffic. Do these latest developments in the security domain meet your expectations in securing your enterprise? Is there enough here to initiate that security infrastructure overhaul? Share comments here.


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