Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Cisco is demoing its new Infinite Video Platform, a hybrid cloud OTT and DVR optimization product, at CES 2018.
  • The Infinite Video Platform is designed to make streaming video automatically optimize for ideal results on any type of device, and at scale.

Cisco has used day one of CES 2018 to reveal its cloud-driven Infinite Video Platform. The new streaming technology promises video optimized for any and all user devices, as well as on-the-fly changes to keep video playing at the ideal resolution and speed at scale.

The goal behind the new streaming technology is to allow “service providers [to] utilize a virtual cloud stack to deliver best-in-class, highly secured video experiences to all consumer devices from one platform,” Cisco said in a press release.

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The new platform is also promising improved video streaming security, making it not only a way to improve stream quality and access, but also a way to avoid piracy and other security threats.

At its core, the Cisco Infinite Video Platform is a cloud product. It uses Virtualized Video Processing to offload the heavy lifting to Cisco servers, while leaving control in the datacenter. Cisco’s goal is to use virtualized processing to create an “open, programmable, scalable, and extensible platform so you can innovate rapidly. “

The Infinite Video Platform is designed to deliver broadcast-quality streams to any type of device, whether wired and wireless, and to keep that quality up. Cisco is using content quality metrics and optimization techniques to change how it delivers video to every viewer based on their connection speed, device type, and other factors.

Video is the future of the web, says Cisco

Cisco states that predictions say 82% of IP traffic will be video by 2020–that’s only two years away. It’s undeniable that video streams are everywhere on the web, from advertisements on news articles to social media feeds to the header of most TechRepublic articles.

Video’s domination of the internet isn’t going to fade, at least if Cisco is correct, which is why businesses with a video presence on the internet need to consider planning for the future, especially in terms of scaling up for a growing market.

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Cisco said that its more than 20 beta testers experienced “benefits including the ability to implement private or public cloud deployments that offer CapEx and OpEx savings as well as increased agility and time to market.”

If you’re at CES 2018, you can see demos of the Infinite Video Platform for cloud-based DVR and OTT video applications–definitely something worth a look if video is part of your strategy.

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