Last week, I wrote about the open source ClarkConnect product for use as a small business or remote site Internet connection point. Since then, version 4.3 of the Community Edition has been made available as release candidate #1 (RC1) on June 19. I’ve been using the prior release and now the RC1 for a while, and I have come to like the functionality of the Community Edition as I use it more.

One function in particular that has caught my eye is the support for OpenVPN in the 4.3 RC1. OpenVPN is an open source SSL VPN that can be used to configure client-side, site-to-site, Wi-Fi based and other connections. The ClarkConnect implementation holds OpenVPN as the future product for VPN access as both PPTP and IPSEC are slated for eventual removal. Prior editions of ClarkConnect only have the tired PPTP and complex IPSEC options, so this is a welcome addition to the remote access offerings for the product. The figure below shows the OpenVPN configuration with the 4.3 RC1:

While the provision is only server-side within ClarkConnect, the client-side configuration will take a little getting used to, but it is not impossible. For Windows clients, the OpenVPN GUI for Windows is available as a free download, and connections are based from configuration files locally on the client.

The OpenVPN implementation for ClarkConnect is free for the Community Edition series of products and is bundled in the commercial products.