When editing a Word document, you may find that the tops of
characters are cut off after you add graphics or increase the font size. When
this happens, Word is forcing line spacing without adjusting for the added
graphics or new font size. To correct this, follow these steps:

  1. Select
    the characters that are being cut off.
  2. Go to
    Format | Paragraph.
  3. Under
    the Indents And Spacing tab, click the Line
    Spacing box and select At Least.
  4. In the
    At box enter 12.

Word will automatically adjust the line spacing in the paragraph
to at least 12 points between lines so that the tops of the characters aren’t
truncated. It will not, however, leave less space between lines than what you
specify in the At box. If you find letters that are
still cut off, repeat the procedure with a larger point size.

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