As with any device that’s handled on a daily basis, the build up of greasy oils, dirt, and grime are an unavoidable fact of life. Being equipped with the tools to combat the grossness is imperative in our quest to maintain sanitary conditions and not look like a bum. Not to mention, if you let someone else borrow your hardware, it’s a good idea to prevent germs from being spread around.

Here are a few cleaning products I recommend that will help combat these issues with finesse.

A microfiber cloth

When you need a cleaning solution for wiping off finger prints and smudges that doesn’t involve any liquids, perhaps when cleaning fluids could cause a short in your electronics, microfiber cloths are the way to go. MOBiLE CLOTH is where I managed to snag mine, and it works just as advertised. Simply rub the cloth directly on the screen a few times, and the oils and dirt come right off. As an added bonus, for those who like to promote your company in a nifty way, MOBiLE CLOTH offers branded microfiber cloths that you can give out as promotional items to help advertise your business. MOBiLE CLOTH’s wares can run you at least $5.00 (USD) per cloth on average, depending on the kit you purchase.

Cleaning fluid

If you prefer to use something to moisten an area before cleaning it, there are various screen cleaning fluids that can get the job done nicely. For me, I tend to go with iKlear Apple Polish. What makes this cleaning agent stand out from others that I have tried in the past is the fact that its proprietary formula does not contain any ammonia or alcohol, which are chemicals that are known to eat away at protective layers of some matte screens. I also get a streak-free shine that really shows nicely upon further inspection. Also, despite what the name of the product might imply, this cleaning liquid is perfectly safe for non-Apple devices. I can assure you that Android and BlackBerry devices won’t self-destruct when iKlear is applied on their respective screens. A bottle of this product can run you about $12.00 (USD) online, depending on where you look.

Cleaning compound

Sometimes, I encounter situations where a simple cloth or cleaning spray can’t really get the job done properly. An example of this is when I want to clean the dirt out of a Bluetooth keyboard or anything with hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Cyber Clean is excellent for special cases like those. I simply take the green goop out of the plastic container, roll it in my hands for a minute to bring the pH balance up to normal, then directly press and apply the goo to any device. Since it can shape shift like a champ, I’m able to pick up bits of dirt and particles that no normal cloth can reach. I can even use Cyber Clean to remove dust off delicate circuit boards that normally would be susceptible to liquids. When you’re done cleaning, you can store the goo in the container it came in for future usage. A 5-oz tub of Cyber Clean can be found at various places online for under $10.00 (USD).

What cleaning products do you use on your smartphones and other handheld mobile devices? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.