There are two sides to every coin, just as there are two sides to click2learn’s Web site. Part 1 of our review, “ The site name says it all! ” discussed the first side, courseware offerings. In this review we’ll look at the side of interest to IT instructional designers, consultants, and freelancers in search of extra coins: creating online training.
Want to get your training design feet wet? Interested in marketing one of your company’s online courses? Surf to click2learn for easy-to-use tools to design online multimedia training courses to sell on its site. All you need is a Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. (Note: If you have an older version you might have to upgrade.) Site registration is free.

The training template allows you to add the elements you want. You can add images, sound, video, and of course, text. There is also a little animated “guy” who can be included to help your learners as they complete the training.

click2learn’s publishing process

Business model
Yes, course designer, you can make money from your creation. The site offers your course for sale. It helps you put a price tag on your course by asking:

  • What is the size of the market?
  • What do alternative ways to learn this material cost?
  • How unique is what you’re offering?

Solid advice, but not rocket science. In the end, you are the content owner and you set the price. If you don’t include a cost, your session will be available on the site at no charge.

Your course goes on the click2learn site, and it does the rest! It markets the site, collects the payments, and handles all the minutia that you probably want to avoid. You receive 30 percent of the revenue in quarterly payments. Are you going to get rich using this online tool and marketing site? Probably not, but you may accrue several advantages. Selling your online course:

  • Puts your training company’s name out in the industry.
  • Provides an opportunity to practice designing online learning.
  • Makes a little money for your efforts.
  • Builds your resume. Imagine designing a free session and putting the URL on your resume!

If these benefits are of interest to you, or if you just want to have some fun building an online learning session, give this site a try. Maybe click2learn will allow you to click2earn!
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Kevin Eikenberry is president of the Discian Group , a learning consulting company in Indianapolis.